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Monstar Driver Featured!

Monstar Driver is featured over on ARCHIVE, a collection of some of the best in Augmented Reality. Check us out here at Archive along with other AR technologies! Monstar Driver is now available for iPads in the App Store.


Monstar Driver – Challenge

Monstar Driver – App Store


Greetings to all from Pixel Interaction Studios. Monstar Driver for iPad is now available on the Apple App Store. Monstar Driver for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android coming soon! I would like to thank these wonderful individuals for their input and contributions. Regardless of how it performs in the App Store


Tamisha Jones, my wife for her unflinching love and support and for that go getter attitude of hers.

Amaya, Kendall, Lauryn, my wonderful daughters and Conway that helped craft this first AR project with many more to come

Mom, for that motherly support and early investment… oh and for pretending you know exactly what I’m rambling on about.. code this and code that. Thanks Mom! Love you!

Tyler Hall, Kim, and GG and all those who contributed in testing and being honest with the feedback

Matthew Tang, Antonio Guadagno, Mike Reynolds, and Shavar Williams for their support and for reading and liking my posts, supporting AR, LOL.. Really thanks guys.

Jared Parks (JP) and Titus for their support!

Thanks to you all! Now go buy it for your kids or relatives and tall everyone :)

Monstar Driver will continuously evolve with new additions to push AR even further.


Dev Diary #2

This week I would like to show you guys a few behind the scenes clips of the teaser trailer we made for Monstar Driver. It helps to show what makes Unity 3D a unique game engine.  I am not saying it’s the best game engine ever, but it is, by far, one of the most intuitive and fun to use of all the engines we’ve looked at. I like UDK, but until they release an Editor for MACs, it’s a bust for us.


Unity 3D allows for easy workflow and integration of our 3D pipeline. We can move assets in and out, make changes and iterate on design very quickly and efficiently. We captured in-game footage with several cameras in the game engine. This enabled us to write scripts in both C# and JavaScript to control the cameras, and enabled us to switch between an aerial camera and a lateral camera. We thought this would make the trailer a bit more dynamic. We used slow motion effects in Unity to freeze the monster truck as it jumped the ramp.


The final composition of the in-game shots was further edited in Adobe Premiere and effects added in Adobe After Effects. The wonderful soundtrack was purchased from iStock as we have no in-house audio engineer at this time.


Until next time, we hope you enjoy the mini clip. Monstar Driver:  coming soon to iPod (Retina), iPad and Android devices.

Dev Diary #1

I’ve always been fascinated by Hologram/holographic technology in movies, video games, tech demos, etc. You see it in films like Star Wars, Star Trek and countless other sci-fi films. Most recently, I thought it was done very well in James Cameron’s Avatar – the film with the oversized cat like people (lol). I enjoyed the film and like where Stereoscopic 3D is heading. These were some of the drivers behind developing and pursuing Augmented Reality gaming.

Augmented Reality is something that Pixel Interaction Studios has always been a fan of, and to see it being picked up by Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft means it can go many places we’ve never imagined. Monstar Driver was never meant to be our first AR project. Our first project was, in fact, another AR game, but was placed on hold as the AR technology at the time was not giving us the desired results.

We’ve learned a lot working on Monstar Driver and this knowledge will lend itself to the development of our next AR game.

The image above is a screen shot I captured during a game play test in the backyard. I used a piece of plywood (not required, lol) as my surface. It can be any surface even water  if you have the AR marker laminated (not recommended) :) . With a single AR Marker and the iPod (Retina) camera pointed at the marker, we were able to juxtapose or project, if you will, the 3D game world onto this marker. This gives the illusion of actually bringing the virtual world into the real world. It gets even more interesting when you make the objects in the real world a part of the game world. You can truly create some amazing additions to the game levels.

Some of the truly amazing things about AR gaming are the various elements you can introduce into the game world so that once it’s projected into the real world, it becomes almost believable. Take for example the fiery hell that awaits the monster truck at the edge of the ramp. The smoke, fire particles, dust, etc. actually look truly believable. You can move in closer by moving the camera closer to the marker for a better view, or move around the marker to change your viewing angle of the game world or scene.

Here are some early examples of concept work. All 3d assets were baked in Cinema 4D and then further tweaked in the game engine. Texture maps were either done in Phostoshop, including Photoshop Touch and zBrush.

Here’s our first concept ramp. The idea was to give it two tractor trailer exhaust pipes which would have flames and smoke coming out of it. It never made it into the final game, but it was helpful during early testing.

Of course all monster trucks need something to jump over or flatten. We had to have school buses. We were inspired by Evel Knievel’s 1975 bus jump on his Harley-Davidson motorcyle. Truly EPIC!

Monstar Driver Teaser

We’ve just uploaded our teaser trailer. You can find it in the media section of the site or at one of these awesome locations: Game Trailers or YouTube. We hope you enjoy it. We are currently adding the final touches to the game to prepare it for release and working on a few game play trailers. While Augmented Reality is not a new technology, it is new to a lot of individuals. We hope these game play trailers will provide a slight introduction and get everyone ready for some epic AR gaming.


Monstar Driver is an augmented reality game where the goal is to jump a ramp and grab the Golden Gear Cog for mad cash payout. Rack up the highest amount of money by getting the cog on all 24 levels and challenge your friends to do the same. Monstar Driver is fully integrated into Game Center. Play fast, play hard and unlock all the achievements.

The Real World is Your Playground!