Dev Diary #2

This week I would like to show you guys a few behind the scenes clips of the teaser trailer we made for Monstar Driver. It helps to show what makes Unity 3D a unique game engine.  I am not saying it’s the best game engine ever, but it is, by far, one of the most intuitive and fun to use of all the engines we’ve looked at. I like UDK, but until they release an Editor for MACs, it’s a bust for us.


Unity 3D allows for easy workflow and integration of our 3D pipeline. We can move assets in and out, make changes and iterate on design very quickly and efficiently. We captured in-game footage with several cameras in the game engine. This enabled us to write scripts in both C# and JavaScript to control the cameras, and enabled us to switch between an aerial camera and a lateral camera. We thought this would make the trailer a bit more dynamic. We used slow motion effects in Unity to freeze the monster truck as it jumped the ramp.


The final composition of the in-game shots was further edited in Adobe Premiere and effects added in Adobe After Effects. The wonderful soundtrack was purchased from iStock as we have no in-house audio engineer at this time.


Until next time, we hope you enjoy the mini clip. Monstar Driver:  coming soon to iPod (Retina), iPad and Android devices.

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