Monstar Driver – App Store


Greetings to all from Pixel Interaction Studios. Monstar Driver for iPad is now available on the Apple App Store. Monstar Driver for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android coming soon! I would like to thank these wonderful individuals for their input and contributions. Regardless of how it performs in the App Store


Tamisha Jones, my wife for her unflinching love and support and for that go getter attitude of hers.

Amaya, Kendall, Lauryn, my wonderful daughters and Conway that helped craft this first AR project with many more to come

Mom, for that motherly support and early investment… oh and for pretending you know exactly what I’m rambling on about.. code this and code that. Thanks Mom! Love you!

Tyler Hall, Kim, and GG and all those who contributed in testing and being honest with the feedback

Matthew Tang, Antonio Guadagno, Mike Reynolds, and Shavar Williams for their support and for reading and liking my posts, supporting AR, LOL.. Really thanks guys.

Jared Parks (JP) and Titus for their support!

Thanks to you all! Now go buy it for your kids or relatives and tall everyone :)

Monstar Driver will continuously evolve with new additions to push AR even further.


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